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Guild Quest

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Guild Quest
Here is my short piece on Guild Quests.

To begin, you may complete 5 "cycles" of guild quests (GQ) per day. A cycle consists of 9/10 (depends on how you want to count it) rounds, or finishes if you quit the quests (via the manager, whom I will get to in a moment).
*Important: Logging off or switching servers during a cycle will prematurely end it, costing you 1 cycle plus rewards*

Completion of the quests gives:
Exp + Pet Exp + Guild Contribution Points + Gold + Service Rate
To begin these quests, enter your guild headquarters in Blython, by the Lansquenet League building (NPC is "Guild Porter" if you didn't already know). Once inside, head down and to your right, to find the NPC "Manager" and select the option "Accept Guild Quest"

Once you have selected this, he will tell you that the 10 round cycle will cost 1 reputation point, and ask if you wish to continue. Select "Ok" At this point, he will randomly assign you a quest from the following list.

1. Cleaning HQ
2. Game of chance
3. Punishing Devilman
4. Armor/Weapon Shopping
5. Potion/Teleport Scroll Shopping

In order, these require:
1. Cleaning:
Oh, how people seem to hate this. You will be given an item named, aptly, "Broom". You must use this several times within the HQ, with the requirement that it is an area in which you haven't yet used it. There is also a short cool down period associated with the broom
Once you have finished, you will get a message along the lines of "You have been very hardworking. Please return to the manager for your reward" and the Broom item will disappear from your inventory.

2. Game of Chance:
This is an easy one. Leave HQ and then talk to the teleporter immediately to your left, and go to the "Demon Square" Mine, then head to Devilman (press tab to find him if you don't know where he is). Talk to him, and he will give you a choice of hands. I'm not sure how random this is, it appears to be pretty constant within a cycle, but keep guessing until you have gotten it right three times. Return for your reward.

3. Punishing Devilman:
Same NPC as Game of Chance, but this time there's a fight. You will have 5 enemies who all have moderately high hp, full crit resistance, and extremely high physical attack. They can cast just about anything, I've seen Dark, Ice, Fire, Frailty, Drain, Poison, and Flash, all at rank 4, but pretty weak. Devilman himself is in the center, but casts Heal2 every chance he gets; ignore it, it's a horribly weak heal. Suggested parties include having good melee res with a human for chaos, or a couple of mages. A zerking pet is also a good idea. Overall, not that challenging a fight, especially for a human with physical resistance.

4. Armor/Weapon Shopping:
In these, the manager will give you an item called either "Armor Shopping" or "Weapon Shopping" based on what he asks for. He will say that everything must be "good" and "cheap"

Now go to the Blython Armory or Woodlingor Armory/Weaponry and talk to the appropriate NPC. He will then say whether or not you will get a discount. If he says anything like "special discount" or "half-price," "give" him the quest item (Alt+G), then return to HQ.

5. Potion/Teleport Scroll Shopping:
Finally, the manager may request either a potion (all that he requests can be bought at various herbal shops) or a teleport scroll. In my experience, the only scrolls he wants are the 800-gold one, the permanent one (blue), and the green tablet one. For both of these, make sure the item is in your inventory, and then just talk to the manager.

Finally, if you do everything in a round PERFECTLY, that is always guess right in game of chance, and always guess right in armor/weapon shopping, and possibly some more requirements (if anyone knows about this better than I do, please either post about it or PM me and I'll include it with credit to you), you will receive "Mystery Quest" as a reward. This is essentially a series of 5 Devilman fights, but the reward per fight is something like 150000exp and 30000 gold. This is incredibly rare, however.

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