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Soulstone of Dark

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Soulstone of Dark

Post  Lord_Myth on Sat 4 Apr - 13:50

Quest Introduction:
Players who have gained Soulstone of Light are much stronger. They travel to Demon City in dark and crisis, if they can solve the crisis of Demon City, they will obtain Soulstone of Dark.

Quest Steps:
Step1: Talk to the Guard Chief (38, 40) in City Hall in Demon Square.
Step2: Talk to Sheet Michael (200, 96), Hammer Hans (231, 155), Cool Kewl (140, 329), Braggered Noel (181, 181), and Wily Carlton (54, 252) in Demon Square (You need to choose the last option in dialogue box). Then fight with Soldier(94.254) in Demon Square.
Step3: After finishing those above, you need to return to City Hall and talk to the Captain again. Then go find Legeoma(65,294) in Demon Square, go fight with Vourk(219, 95) in Devil's Gate.
Step4: Return to Demon Square, and fight with Legeoma(64.294)you will gain Soulstone of Dark after defeating him.

Quest Object:

Players above 20 and having got Soulstone of Light, only once per life (restarting it after rebirth).

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