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Soulstone of fire

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Soulstone of fire

Post  Lord_Myth on Sat 4 Apr - 13:52

Quest Introduction:
Player goes on to look for other Soulstones after finding the 1st and 2nd ones. He goes to Desert City of allopathic flavor. A pair of snaky eyes is watching him attentively. He is falling into a plot gradually.

Quest Steps:
Step1: Find Girl Miya near Desert City (328, 458) and talk to her. She will give you a mystic necklace. Equip the necklace, but it happens to appear "You are cursed; your experience has been deducted by 100,000".
Step2: Return to question Girl Miya immediately; she will tell you something about Cursed Mage. Then you go to Badlands to question Cursed Mage (165, 365), who will threaten you to find Knight Shingo(36.158)for Dragon Scale.
Step3: Return to Badlands after getting Dragon Scale. You will be asked to go to Elder Zone in Woodlingor to get Ancient Spell Book from Elder of Tree. After that, you will be asked to travel to Desert City to look for Soulstone of Fire.
Step4: Find Spirit Mage in Desert City and the curse is removed finally. Then defeat Flame Devil on Flame Ruins(305,458) and get Soulstone of Fire. Return to Badlands and challenge Curse Mage.

Quest Reminding:
In this quest, you can choose fight or not fight with Miya, Knight Shingo and Elder of Tree. Choosing “Kind Route” will not let you fall into combat. Choosing "Evil Route" will let you join combat.

Quest Object:
Players above level40 and have Soulstone of Dark., only once per life (restarting it after rebirth).

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