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soulstone of ice

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soulstone of ice

Post  Lord_Myth on Sat 4 Apr - 14:01

Quest Introduction:
Players go on to look for the forth Soulstone after getting the 1st-3rd Soulstones.. Players heard of some information about the 4th Soulstone by accident, and he began the travel to look for it.

Quest Steps:
Step1: Talk to Duke Clark in the Bar of Blython and accept the quest of finding his daughter. It’s a challenge for you to defeat Elite Guard.
Step2: Find the duke's daughter Kelina in Cursed Abyss (40, 428), who will tell you that she is falling love with Guard Chief but her dad would like to send her to Sorceror Hades. (Here are 2 choices, one good and one evil. Not matter which one you choose, the result is that you need talk to the Duke Clark again)
Step3: Return to the Bar in Blython to talk to Duke Clark and defeat Guard. Duke will tell you that he is so reluctant to force his daughter.
Step4: Return to Cursed Abyss and ask Kelina something about Sorceror Hades. You will learn some information about the 4th Soulstone--Soulstone of Ice.
Step5: Go to the Tumulus 2 and defeat Holy Dragon to gain Soulstone of Ice. (There is another route: buy Anesthesia from Veteran Doctor in Blython and Carving Knife from weapon merchant in Sky Passage; then make an operation for Holy Dragon. After that you can obtain Soulstone of Ice)
Step6: Find Hades on the Ashes Pit 2 and defeat him. Then return to the Duke and inform Kelina to come back to her father.
Step7: Talk to Elder of Star in Elder Zone of Wondlingor to open Soulstone. Now the quest is done.

Quest Object:
Players above level 60 and have Fire Soulstone. Can be done once per life. (need to restart it after rebirth)

Quest Reward:
Soulstone of Ice; Lots of Gold and Exp; Honor of Rank4 Plot

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