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soulstone of wind

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Quest Introduction:
Players began the travel to look for the last Soulstone after obtaining the first 4 Soulstone in order to call Jove.

Quest Steps:
Step1: World Eye
1. Inquire scholar Pollati something about Soulstone of Wind. He will ask you to find World Eye for him, which is deep in the Ashes Pit 4 and guarded by Dark Shadow.
2. Defeat Dark Shadow in Ashes Pit (252, 31) and gain World Eye.
3. Give World Eye to Pollati and know information of Soulstone of Wind. (The treasure map of Soulstone of Wind has been separated into 3 pieces of Beast Chip belonging to descendants of the 3 adventurers who first heard of Soulstone of Wind . It is said that one of the Beast Chips is belonging to Elder Losu in Demon Square.)

Step2: Beast Chip 1
1. Find Elder Losu in Demon Square (63, 301). He will ask you to punish Elder Kang because Kang's family has stolen his family treasure.
2. Find Elder Kang in Desert City (398, 223), who will tell you that he is framed and ask you to clarify for him.
3. Return to Losu to know more detail, he will tell you that only Lohan know the truth. Go to Lohan on the Evil Lair 2 for evidence. Then give the evidence to Elder Kang, you will find Lohan just told a lie.
4. Question Lohan and know the truth after combat and obtain Sword of Sages. Give Sword of Sages to Elder Losu and get Beast Chip 1. Then talk to Elder Kang for another part of reward.
5. Give Beast Chip 1 to Pollati and he will tell you something about Beast Chip 2.

Step3: Beast Chip 2
1. Know Beast Chip 2 is belonging to Inspector in City Hall of Demon Square after giving Beast Chip 1 to Pollati.
2. Find the Inspector. He will ask you to capture a Wanderer who is in lepriasis. You can hurt the Wanderer or buy a cloak for him so that he can leave on his own. After doing this, return to Inspector for Beast Chip 2.
3. Give Beast Chip 2 to Pollati and know where the Beast Chip 3 is.

Step4: Beast Chip 3
1. Know Beast Chip 3 is belonging to Peasant Hentt along Southern Rivage (122, 350) from Pollati.
2. Find peasant Hendel, who will ask you to find his father's remains from the 2nd floor of Mystery Tumulus. Go find Ghost on the Tumulus 2, who will ask you take remains of Hendel’s father or others’ instead. If you take other's remains and give it to Hendel, you will be given Beast Chip 3. If you insist on bringing remains of Hendel's father, you need enter the Tumulus 4 and defeat Skeletal. And bring remains of Hendel's father to him. You will gain Beast Chip 3 too.
3. Give Beast Chip 3 to Pollati, you will gain a whole treasure map.

Step5: Soulstone of Wind Treasure Map
1. Click to use Wind Soulstone Treasure Map and know the coordinate of treasure map is
on the Ashes Pit 4(39, 58).
2. Go to coordinate given, click to use treasure map to summon Worn Ghost. Defeat him,
and you will obtain Soulstone of Wind.
3. Give Soulstone of Wind to Elder of Star to finish this quest. You will win new honor and rewards.

Quest Object:

Players above level 80 and have Soulstone of Ice. Can be done once per life. (Need to restart it after rebirth)

Quest Reward:
Honor of Rank5 Plot; Soulstone of Wind, level 10 gem, lots of Gold and exp, Bloodstone Gem, Stone of Moon, Big Color Potion.

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