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Soulstone of Light

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Soulstone of Light

Post  Lord_Myth on Sat 4 Apr - 13:48

Quest Introduction:
There is an ancient myth: The 5 Soulstones sealing Spirit Beasts were released by blood of Fiend after the War of Gods. The one who can collect all of the 5 Soulstone will gain Power of Gods to finish incredible quests. It is said that Soulstone of Light is in Woodlingor.

Quest Steps:
Step1: Accept the quest from Elder of Dawnr, Elder of Sight and Elder of Nightr in the Elders Zone of Woodlingor. Then talk to Barkeeper in the Bar, who will tell you that Drunkard Fenny may know something about Soulstone of Light.
Step2: Find Fenny in the Bar of Woodlingor (17, 109). Fenny is being tormented by alcohol addiction. You have to buy a bottle for him.
Step3: Fenny told you that he lost the Soulstone of Light to Gambler John in a bet. To find Gambler John in Woodlingor (234, 215) and be told that Soulstone was robbed by Deserter after winning a bet with Gambler John.
Step4: Defeat Deserter on Snow Ridge (185, 182) and finally obtain Soulstone of Light.

Quest Object:

All Races. Only once per life and need to restart it after rebirth.

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